Lenardo da Vinci, engineer

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Hydraulic projects

During a Renaissance in full swing, water management was a major power concern for the cities and states of Europe. Waterways became the new "highways" for transporting cargo. Leonardo da Vinci very quickly understood the pivotal role of the science of hydraulics.

This swing bridge is fixed on to one of the banks with a vertical pivot that allows it to turn on itself. A system of ropes and pulleys help the bridge move in just a few minutes to make room for the ships or withdraw access across the water. The column acts as the balance point.


François I asked Leonardo da Vinci to work on a project which linked the Loire and Rhône rivers. The master conceived locks, river construction, swing bridges, and even paddle boats for the Kingdom's channels.

Leonardo da Vinci, military engineer

Leonardo da Vinci is readily known for his love of nature and the arts. The Florentine master also dedicated almost 30 years of his life to helping military commanders and heads of states in conflict, designing hundreds of weapons and machines which were both formidable and deadly.
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