Cambridge English: Young Learners is a series of fun, motivating English language tests for children in primary and lower
secondary education. The tests are an excellent way for children to gain confidence and improve their English.
There are three levels:
• Cambridge English: Starters
• Cambridge English: Movers
• Cambridge English: Flyers
About these sample papers
These sample papers show you what the Cambridge English: Starters test looks like. When children know what to expect in
the test, they will feel more confident and prepared.
To prepare for Cambridge English: Starters, children can practise parts of the test or do the complete practice test.
Listening sample test
To download the Cambridge English: Starters Listening sample test go to
For further information about the three levels of Cambridge English: Young Learners and for more sample papers, go to

Cambridge English - Young Learners - 2/48