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LIMB Gallery, the easiest / fastest way to build and share your collections online... Simply import your metadata, media and your collection is born.

LIMB Gallery is delivered with an eye catching user interface including several tools to guide the user to maximize the discovery of requested and related information. The overall LIMB Gallery presentation is made to be simple and clear for a rich user experience.
The LIMB Gallery user interface is fully configurable in order to adapt the look and feel to your graphical environment (logo, colors and template).

LIMB Gallery is available either as a fully hosted SaaS digital library solution (LIMB Gallery SaaS – ex-YooLib) or as an onsite solution, installed locally (LIMB Gallery).

Powerful search engine

In the user interface is the faceted search menu. Faceted search is the ability for the user to narrow the search within the collection to certain fields.


Advanced Content Viewer

Display all size of images with our built in deep zoom feature. Images a streamed from the server to the web browser providing a smooth and fast display for all image size.


Fully Responsive Design

Engage more visitors with the ability to discover content from any platform including tablets and mobile phones. LIMB GALLERY is delivered with a fully responsive design.